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With its four‑point “Think global, act local” strategy, solar pioneer Sharp has undertaken structural and financial investments that put the company in an ideal position to meet the future challenges of the photovoltaic market. Hamburg, June 2011. JA Solar to Showcase New High-Efficiency PV Products at Intersolar Europe 2011GlobeNewsWire (press release)Record-Breaking German Solar Demand Fuels Green Job (press release)Spire Corporation's Solar Team to Exhibit at Intersolar EUBusiness Wire (press release)Solar Novus Today -Korea IT Times (press release) -Ubergizmoall 36  

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Trojan's Industrial Line Flooded -

pv magazine
Trojan's Industrial Line FloodedThese high amp-hour capacity batteries are ideal for use in large off-grid photovolataic (PV) systems, off-grid hybrid PV systems, grid-tied PV systems with battery backup, smart grid peak shifting systems and a variety of other applications. Trojan Battery Debuts Industrial Line Of Batteries For Solar ApplicationsSolar IndustryTrojan Battery Company Adds High-Capacity Industrial Line For Renewable Energy Daily Marketsall 9  

Intersolar EU: Canadian Solar rolls out 19.5%-efficient monocrystalline PV ... - PV-Tech

Canadian Solar's NewEdge poly modules will incorporate the company's new ELPS cells by year's end. Canadian Solar said its new ELPS solar cell technology can achieve up to 19.5% conversion efficiency for its monocrystalline cells and up to 18% for Sharp at Intersolar 2011: Solar division still on a growth curvepv magazineJA Solar to Showcase New High-Efficiency PV Products at Intersolar Europe 2011GlobeNewsWire (press release)Spire Corporation's Solar Team to Exhibit at Intersolar EUBusiness Wire (press release)Solar Novus Today -Korea IT Times (press release) -Ubergizmoall 79  

CSP - The Solar Alternative That Rivals Nuclear - Energy Collective

- Energy CollectiveThey've created low cost optic units (mirrors) seen here, that focus the sun's radiation onto a very high efficiency semi-conductive solar PV cell, reducing overall cost while increasing energy output. The highly efficient multi-junction PV receivers  

Siliken launches the new 72-cell module - Global Solar Technology

This high quality and reliability of the modules guarantees a quick return on the investment in any photovoltaic installation, either residential, industrial or on a solar farm. The 72-cell modules permit fewer items to be installed for getting the

Competitive Positioning in PV Manufacturing: The 7 Metrics That Matter - Seeking Alpha

Business Model Differentiation: Currently, the PV manufacturing landscape is dominated by firms that occupy a well-defined position in the value chain, namely, wafer-cell-module manufacturing. This is what Suntech, Yingli, Trina, Canadian (CSIQ),

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Enphase Energy microinverter features easy-install Engage cabling system - PennEnergy- Energy News (press release)

Bradenton Herald
The microinverters showcase Enphase Energy's third-generation technology, engineered to maximize 60-cell photovoltaic module performance. At 215Wac, the new microinverter has an output that is 13% higher than previous generations. Enphase Energy Launches 215-Series MicroinverterSolar Novus TodayEnphase Energy Launches 215-Series Microinverter with 25-Year Limited WarrantyBusiness Wire (press release)Enphase Energy Introduces New Micro-Inverter With 25-Year WarrantySolar IndustryEnvironmental Expert (press release)all 17  

Monocrystalline module with square cells - pv magazine

The identification of individual cells is facilitated by laser-assisted coding. No comments have been submitted yet. Why not login or register and be the first? Explore thousands of photovoltaic jobs to find your next job in the industry.

AUO Expands into European Market and Builds Up Local Presence - IT News Online

Aiming at high-end European market, AUO has developed its premium GreenTriplex PM250M00 PV module with an aesthetically pleasing all black appearance, three busbar cell design, and self-cleaning function. In addition, GreenTriplex is used in the AC PR Newswire UK (press release)all 12  

Record-Breaking German Solar Demand Fuels Green Job Growth - (press release)

With over 100000 "green jobs" in PV alone, around 75 percent of European solar cells and modules as well as countless components are made in Germany. Record-breaking domestic demand is a key industry driver, with 7.4 GWp of PV capacity installed in  

Largest ever solar curtain wall graces PV factory - Greenbang

Organic photovoltaics are solar cells made with organic polymers or organic molecules that absorb light or carry electrical charges. “Organic PV is much less energy intensive to manufacture compared with crystalline silicon,” says Howard Berke, Konarka: Still Trying For Elusive Solar Building MarketGigaOmall 14  


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