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The PowerLine L 400 (1064nm class) and 100 SHG (532nm) q-switched solid-state lasers are for edge ablation of thin-film solar cell layers (a-Si/µ-Si, CdTe, and CIS). Q-switching makes peak pulse performances possible that are 1000× higher than the cw  

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Solar's Newest Business Plan - Motley Fool

Solar's Newest Business PlanSharp, one of the world's largest solar manufacturers, formed a $128 million joint venture with Enel Green Power and STMicroelectronics. The plant will produce 160 MW of thin-film solar cells and is expandable to 480 MW. Last week, Canadian Solar  

Satcon gets big order for US solar projects - Boston Business Journal

The projects will feature a variety of solar panel technologies – including thin-film and polycrystalline – and array types, including ground-mounted and rooftop. Satcon manufactures its solar power inverters at a newly expanded facility in South Satcon Selected by Constellation Energy for 65 MW of PV ProjectsBenzingaall 5  

A modular library - pv magazine

SimPlan is providing a modular library to support modeling of the following processes: cell manufacture using wafer technology, module and thin film solar cells manufacture. The modular library contains components for mapping all the process steps and

Model for thin films - pv magazine

The new version includes measurement data of thin-film solar cells, in addition to that of crystalline solar modules. As the shape of the IV curves of thin-film cells has a stronger irradiance dependence than crystalline cells, they require

Silicon Solar Solutions Expands Community Outreach - SYS-CON Media (press release)

Silicon Solar Solutions ( provides a low cost method for manufacturing silicon-based solar cells and thin-film modules. The technologies developed by SSS utilize abundant, non-toxic materials that minimize negative  

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Solar Panels Integrate Into Building Facade - EarthTechling

The photovoltaic modules in this system are based on a glazed form of CIGS thin-film technology (Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide) combined with Ruukki's steel rainscreen panel system. The modules are nearly black in color, can be combined with  

Solar power has left the dream stage - Bangkok Post

The company announced in April that it had improved the efficiency of thin-film solar panels to 12.8%, a record, but other companies, particularly in China, are hot on their heels in the race to extract energy from the sun's rays. GE: Solar Power Will Soon Cost Less Than Fossil Fuels, Nuclear PowerBecker's ASC Reviewall 15  

First 120 MW-ThinFabTM order for Oerlikon Solar - Global Solar Technology

Practical benefits: Thin film silicon modules gain advantages under real operational conditions, eg cloudy sky or high temperatures, where the efficiency of crystalline solar cells declines significantly. - Environmentally friendly: Thin film silicon  

Global Solar's PowerFLEX CIGS module awarded IEC and UL certifications - Semiconductor Today

Global Solar's PowerFLEX CIGS module awarded IEC and UL certificationsGlobal Solar Energy Inc of Tucson, AZ, USA, which makes copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) thin-film photovoltaic cells and modules, says that its flexible module PowerFLEX BIPV has been awarded IEC 61730 and 61646 as well as UL 1703

Understanding different photovoltaic panels -

CalFinder (blog)
The primary problem for the thin-film technology is that using so little photoelectric material substantially reduces how much of the sunlight striking a solar panel gets transformed into electricity. According to CivicSolar, crystalline silicon solar GE: Solar Power Will Soon Cost Less Than Fossil Fuels, Nuclear PowerBecker's ASC ReviewBright idea – solar power over landfillsAmerican Recycler Newspaperall 105  


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